To Our Dear Customers and Friends

Posted on Jan 30, 2017


Friends, A dark cloud has covered us.

Sakhumzi Restaurant has been a bright light in the township for the last 15 years. The same light has shone brightly both nationally and internationally but today the dark cloud that covers us has now spread nationally and internationally.

We have been questioned about the reason we are open. We have decided to open because our national and international community is trickling in and out of our premises. Others because they have booked and others to offer condolences and are asking how else can they support us.

As we have kept your steadfast support when things were going right. We request that we all unite to deal with this calamity which has befallen us.

We are currently planning together with his family. Whilst we are doing that, we would appreciate cohesion of compassion which is typical of us as Africans.

We thank everyone who is supporting us during this time. We appreciate your prayers and the compassion that you are showing us. It is not going unnoticed.

We will inform you all regarding the memorial service and the funeral arrangements in good time.

Rest in peace Kwesi Hudson, my beloved teacher and mentor.

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