Who We Are Since 2001

Our Story It all began with a group of friends, beers and one very special tree. The tree was their home away from home as it offered shade in summer, and a place where dreams could be shared and friendships created. There were always people gathered together under the tree, just as it is today.

When the dumpies ran dry and the hunger kicked in, the aroma of delicious home-cooked food lured people from the tree and into the house. Sakhumzi found himself having to share his supper every time. Everyone put money together to by drinks and the food was shared freely.

Finally, Sakhumzi decided to formalize the shebeen and trade as he does today.

The lounge became an eating area, which soon spilled over to the bedrooms and every other part of the house.Complete with the original doors, walls, flooring and rooms, Sakhumzi Restaurant was born in 2001.

Best of all, the tree rooted in the place where it all began is still standing strong!

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Now, fourteen years later, the old home is still abuzz with people coming from Soweto, Joburg, Pretoria and all over the world to experience a taste of true township flavour and Ubuntu. Best of all, the tree is still there, rooted in the place where it all began.